Decoration of showcases and interior elements from AP Print

•    How can you distinguish your store, stand at an exhibition or showcase among your competitors?
•    How to surprise the visitors of the office with an unusual interior solution?
It would seem what can be common in these matters? However, there is something in common between them. Both the first and second can be easily implemented with the help of AP Print. AP Print specializes in digital large format printing and is ready to offer its customers a large number of different solutions in the design of office and retail spaces.

The display of showcases or any other selling spaces is easy to perform with the help of special self-adhesive films and banners. With the help of large-format printing, any required image is applied to the film, and using modern equipment and materials will allow the advertising surface to be made in the most saturated, bright, customer-attracting colors, and retain this effect for a long time without the need for regular film replacement. Employees of the company AP Print have a huge experience in working in the field of large-format printing of various promotional products and will be able to suggest the best options for choosing materials when designing showcases and placing elements of advertising designs.

And what happens with the solutions in the field of interior printing? Here AP Print will come to help you. Printing of elements is used in interior decoration of office premises, exhibition halls and during various events, as a rule, is carried out on roll synthetic materials, such as polyester silk, flange and crepe-satin. The company has a lot of experience with such materials, and AP Print specialists will perform digital printing professionally, and, if necessary, install constructions in your premises.

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