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Our free standing floor stands offer a highly effective means of connecting with your customers. Crafted with intelligent design and compelling graphics, these units serve as the perfect platform to showcase your products and convey your brand’s message.


Variety of Models: AP-Print offers a wide range of floor stands units, with over 30 different models available. This variety ensures that customers can find a suitable solution for their specific communication needs.


Display Options: The company provides various types of display units, including display stands, cardboard cubes, and totems. These options cater to different retail environments and trade show setups.


Custom Design: AP-Print has an in-house design department that collaborates with customers to bring their vision to life. This means that the design and graphics on the floor stands units can be tailored to match the brand’s identity and message.

Printing and Cutting Technology: The company utilizes digital printers and cutting tables, which are ideal for producing cost-effective, low-volume floor stands units. This flexibility is useful for businesses that may not require large quantities of displays.


Substrate Variety: AP-Print offers a variety of substrates beyond just corrugated board, including Foamex and Dibond. This diversity in material options allows for creativity and customization in the design of the display units.


Versatility: These floor stands units are suitable for use in various retail and service outlets, as well as at trade fairs. This versatility makes them applicable in different marketing and promotional contexts.


At AP-Print we control the whole process from receiving your data file and correcting it if needs be to product packaging and delivery to our clients.


We have a dedicated team that receives your order and provied continuous support througout the production process.

files preparation

Our graphics departament check your files and send you an preview for approval.


Using high-tech innovations, newest printing technologies and professional team we make the most sophisticated products.


Carefully packed products are sent with the courier or designated trasport acress Europe.


It’s pretty simple. We don’t use a middleman because we produce everything ourselves in our HQ therefore our rates are very competitive. We only use high quality materials and always invest in new technologies to ensure we can meet even the most complex needs of our clients. At AP-Print we understand that there are three usual suspects: time, money, and quality. We have all three of them covered.


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Explore a collection of testimonials showcasing the exceptional experiences our clients have had with our services. Plus, with a Google rating of 4.8 stars (40+ reviews), you can trust that satisfaction is our top priority.

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Our client base includes retail chains, shopping centers, international brands, advertising agencies, outdoor/indoor advertising companies, exhibition organisers, and construction sites to name a few. 


It is iportante to understand your cost-per-print. We can help you to save your print budget up to 20% using our order guide services.


Choosing the right material type and brand for your order. There are thousands of different types and brand we use the right ones.


Adjusting material dimensions to eliminate printing waste. We carefully choose materials with minimal waste level.


Understanding your deadlines to give you precise delivery coast. Just one day can play a major role in final price calculation.


Our designers team check and fix your files if need be. If it’s broken, we correct it before production and check for mistakes.


Price offer in 24 hours. Allow you to be ahead of your competitors. We understand that  fast response is must have option for our clients.

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